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Model XD5/XD10/XD20
Catalog Ozone Generator
Material Metal
Product Detail

Ozone Generator Car Cleaning Home Sterilization And Disinfection


  • Remove or control Household Odors

  • Room odors in Hotels, Motels, Restaurants

  • Tobacco Smoke elimination

  • Pet & Animal odors

  • Mold de-contamination, control, removal

  • Fire & Flood restoration

  • Building Cleaning Services

  • Vehicle restoration

  • Boat/Ship/Cruise Line Odors problems

  • Dust mites, Insects and Vermin Control

  • Indoor Air Pollution

  • Air Con Duct Sterilization

  • Hydroponics or Greenhouse use

  • Food Packaging or Transport

  • Vegetable preservation, storage and transport

  • Paint Fumes

  • Aircraft Odor and Fungi Control

  • Sewerage Plants Odors

  • Funeral Parlors and Mortuaries

  • Bowling Alley Odor Control

  • Washroom Sanitizing and Deodorizing

Feature & function of Ozone

Ozone (O3) consists of three oxygen atoms. It is an allotrope of oxygen (O2) that has a peculiar smell and is often mixed in the atmosphere in a thin state.The main characteristic of ozone is that it has a strong oxidation force, and its REDOX potential is second only to (F2).So ozone has the following main functions.

1,Sterilization and Disinfection

Under the certain ozone concentration conditions, it produces biochemical reactions on bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms, thereby destroying the metabolism and reproduction process of bacteria, causing death and achieving disinfection effect.

2,Food preservation

Due to the strong oxidation of ozone, it can not only remove and kill microorganisms on the surface of food, to achieve mildewed-resistant, anti-corrosive effect, at the same time, ozone can also effectively decompose fruit and vegetable metabolites, reduce the metabolic rate in the storage process of fruit and vegetable, extend its storage period.

3,Pesticide Degradation

Ozone rapidly degrades with organic poisons (e.g. pesticides) to produce carbon dioxide and water as final products.Therefore, it can quickly remove the residue of pesticides and fertilizers and other harmful substances attached to the surface of fruits and vegetables.

4,Water treatment

How Does Machine Works

This machine adopts a new type of gap discharge ceramic plate as an ozone generating device, which is driven by a high frequency and high voltage power supply, conducts corona discharge, forms a low-temperature plasma, and causes oxygen through the gap to react and generate ozonation gas.

This machine uses the oxygen source in the air to generate ozone through the gap discharge ceramic plate, the machine uses the honeycomb ceramic material discharge unit, effectively improve the area of ozone release, and then with a strong turbofan to increase the output flow, make ozone more quickly fill the whole space sterilization.