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BL-501 Pneumatic Dust-Free Dry Sanding Machine

Model BL-501
Catalog Dust Extractor Dry Sanding Machine
Product Detail


1. The machine automatically extracts the dust when sanding.

2. The 50L dust bag is easy to clean or replaced.

3. It is for 2 pneumatic sanders;

4. The dust chamber properly sealed & with a door easy to open/close.

5. Storage box equipped for abrasives. High quality sanders and back-up pads increase 30% cutting force and suction force.

High quality motor made in Slovenia The motor is in same quality as the big name extractor.

Detachable upper body The upper part can be taken off from the main body. And smaller packing size will save your shipping cost.

Manual switches & Electric sander plug Two manual switches, one to control the sander, another to control the speed of the motor.

A deep channel on top It is convenient to store some small parts here.