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  • 产品名称: Dust-free dry sanding machine BL-501


1. Come with a European motor driving two sanders efficiently.

2. Industrial design, better structure, easier maintenance.    Different from that modified products of household cleaner.

3. Self-developed suction hoses and quick adapters for    convenient replacement.     

4. 50L big dust bag with zipper for long time using &easy cleaning.

5. The dust chamber with a door easy to open/close.   It’s convenient for replacement of dust bag or filter.

6. Storage box equipped for abrasives. It makes a clear classification. Imported sander and back-up pad increases 30% cutting force and suction force.


Technical Details:

Max. Power: 1200W

Dust Bag Capacity: 50L

Working Pressure: More than 6Bar

Machine Sze: 50*50*134CM

Packing Size: 57*55*87CM

Gross Weight: 73Kgs

  Detailed parameters  
  Input Power max. 1200W
  Net weight