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  • 产品名称: 9022

1. The 41MM hexangular shaft is suitable for all kinds of tires including flat tires and hard tires.

2. The base cabinet is made of special steel Q235; it can strengthen the structure and bear a long life.

3. The clamp is made of special material, strong and durable

4. The mounting bracket is made of 45# good quality steel, stronger and powerful.

5. The five-way solenoid valve is full in aluminum alloy to ensure high intensity and long lifetime.

6. The universal switch is 40A with a pure silver touching point, it can bear great load with a long using life



Motor Power: 1.1KW/0.75KW

Max. Tire Diameter: 41”(1040mm)

Outside clamp: 10”-19”

Working Air Pressure: 8 Bar


Voltage: 110V/220V/380V

Max. Tire Width: 14” (355mm)

Inner clamp: 12”-22”

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