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Expert authority statement, daily car ten big destroy car behavior

Number of visits: Date:2019-1-4
1, the scorching sun rushed the car
Event replay: spring is coming, can summer be far behind? In summer, some of the owners of the love shower habits to the body. It's been driving all day, and it's taking a cold shower to cool it down. Most owners will find that after the shower, the car will immediately game over. The car pulled into the garage, the owners: "I am What one says is plausible. for its good ah"
Vehicle abuse index: 5
Expert opinion
You know people will wake up, cold water suddenly rushed a shiver of what the car will not talk so you will toss it. The physical principle of thermal expansion and contraction is the most simple, after exposure and after driving, the car paint surface and the temperature of the engine is very high. When you want to come inside and rinse, Goodfellas, paint made do you torture, just days after the fall block paint what, the engine will immediately strike, not to let you spend a thousand will not return to work.
2, add mushroom head
Event playback: the car opened for a long time, I feel no "strength", if the engine can enter more air, so that gasoline more fully burning, so that power can not be promoted? So the owners have made modifications to the intake system: most probably it did not actually happen directly in the air inlet with "mushroom head" well, that this can increase the intake of car engine, "eat" more, it enhances the power of nature. And the price is cheap, as long as 300~500 yuan, why not?.
Vehicle abuse index: 4
Expert opinion
The ads say, people eat too much to stomach, the car is the same reason. The "mushroom head" named high flow style, is a kind of high performance air filter, theoretically can increase the air flow inside the engine, so the engine compartment combustion more fully, improve dynamic performance. But for the northern air containing a large number of small dust, increasing the intake volume, but also more small dust into the cylinder, resulting in early wear of the engine, but affect the power performance of the engine.
3, car civil strife spread incense
Event replay: the smell in the car is always cold and there is no popularity, so drivers like to put some cars, perfume, air freshener and so on in the car. The car smells good and smells bad.
Vehicle abuse index: 3
Expert opinion
Air freshener is also synthesized by various chemical ingredients such as ether, essence, etc. it doesn't decompose harmful gas, but it spreads the fragrance to cover up the peculiar smell. It can dilute the peculiar smell by confusing people's smell. The chemical decomposition of these substances in the air, the resulting gas itself is air pollutants, but exacerbated the pollution of the air inside the car. Long term use can cause bad stimulation to the human body, and bad perfume will also cause harm to the nervous system.
The chemical constituents of the aroma can be absorbed into the body through the mouth, nose and skin. These components can pass through the blood circulation, reaching all parts of the body. Sensitive people can easily cause headaches, sneezing, tears, breathing difficulties, dizziness, sore throat, chest tightness, hyperactivity and other symptoms.
4, the better the oil increases
Event playback: the oil change, some owners want to better understand the car, so the full increase in oil. They think that the lubrication oil of the engine increases the more the better, but also can reduce the frequency of oil filling, save money.
Vehicle abuse index: 4
Expert opinion
If the oil is too much, it will increase the internal workload of the engine. When the engine is working, the crankshaft handle and the connecting rod will produce violent agitation, which will not only increase the internal power loss of the engine, but also increase fuel consumption. And therefore increase the oil spilled onto the wall, prone to burning oil, causing the engine lubrication. The amount of oil shall be kept within the proper range between the upper and lower lines of the oil dipstick.
5, add a mat on the seat
Event replay: summer is coming, it's uncomfortable to sit down for a long time. Regardless of leather seats or knitting interior, are easy to sweat, affecting the image does not say, driving can not concentrate, it is better to add a bamboo mat, sitting cool, the price is not expensive. Not too hot days, not to open the air conditioning, and this is also down the fuel consumption.
Vehicle abuse index: 6
Expert opinion
Are you afraid you can't get out of the car while you're on the brakes? The friction of this kind of mat is small, whether it is acceleration or braking, it is easy to let the body slide while braking, and also minimize the protection ability of the seat belt.  So heat, you open the air conditioning, than save the little money, or put safety in the first place.

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