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each you how to do the car maintenance

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For many families, the car is no longer "unbearable", and truly let the people some too much, is to buy a car after car repair these vehicles mixed costs. The following car maintenance tips will help you save your money.
Money saving strategy: reasonably determine the maintenance cycle
The period of maintenance refers to the interval, mileage or time of car maintenance. In the actual use process, the owner should refer to the maintenance cycle recommended by the automobile manufacturer, and adjust the maintenance cycle according to the technical conditions and conditions of the use of the car itself. In general, the new road in good condition, need not be too frequent maintenance to the manufacturer specified maintenance cycle as the upper limit can be; and poor technical condition of vehicles, or the use of harsh conditions, it should be appropriate to shorten the maintenance cycle.
Money saving strategy two: make full use of free testing
Free testing activities now carry out car manufacturers are very good for the owners, the owners can be a comprehensive examination of the car using the free testing activities, timely find and eliminate some potential faults, thus eliminating the need for a possible future high maintenance costs.
Save money strategy three: as little as possible disassembly maintenance assembly
Many owners have this feeling, a car's assembly in the disintegration of the maintenance will be out of hand, so that the vehicle prematurely into the maintenance period. The reasons for this phenomenon mainly involve the assembly technology and the quality of the parts of the repairman. Therefore, you'd better avoid the disintegration of maintenance assembly, the use of advanced technology equipment and means of maintenance, car maintenance to avoid demolition, unnecessary damage to the vehicle assembly and parts avoid, improve maintenance quality, reduce maintenance cost.
Four tips for saving money: use the right oil
The proper oil contains two aspects: one is fuel, two is lubricating oil. Improper selection of fuel, is likely to cause blockage and injector atomization faults such as fuel filter, the engine idling instability, poor acceleration and fuel consumption rising, will accelerate the cylinder wear, affect the life of the engine, will naturally increase the cost of vehicle maintenance and repair costs. Different brands and grades of lubricating oil, its quality is very different, the price is also very different. How to choose lubricating oil, so as to meet the requirements of lubrication, and less money? The basic principle is: to meet the requirements of the use of vehicles on the line, only buy the right, do not buy expensive. For example, engine oil, for domestic cars, some domestic SJ grade oil fully meet the requirements, there is no need to buy imported.

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