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Car disputes into consumer complaints hot spot in Taizhou

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Automobile consumer complaints consumer complaints has become "disastrous", mainly concentrated in 3 aspects: one is the mechanism for detection and identification of automobile comprehensive performance detection and identification of small, high cost of vehicle inspection station (referred to as vehicle inspection station) is the integrated use of modern detection technology, electronic technology, computer application technology, without dismantling the car detection diagnosis of enterprise. The utility model has the capability of detecting and diagnosing various performance parameters of the vehicle in the room and detecting the possible failure, and provides a reliable basis for comprehensively and accurately evaluating the performance and the technical condition of the automobile. The role of station of automobile comprehensive performance testing: responsible for detection of vehicle power, economy, reliability and safety and environmental protection management etc.; the responsible for vehicle detection and maintenance of quality in the detection and evaluation of vehicle technical condition; the research and teaching of the bear performance test and parameter test. The type of inspection station is replaced by Jiangsu invoice (1). According to the classification of service function, the testing station can be divided into three kinds: safety inspection station, maintenance inspection station and comprehensive performance testing station. (2) according to the degree of automation of the detection line, the inspection station can be divided into three types: manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic. (3) according to function classification, can be divided into a level a station, B level station and C class station three types of a level a station: can fully undertake the task of testing station. B level station: can undertake the inspection of the technical condition of the vehicle and the quality of the vehicle maintenance. C level station: able to detect the technical condition of the used vehicle. It is difficult to obtain evidence, the consumer price is two; maintenance charges opaque, poor; three of consumers appear new problems in vehicle repair and maintenance, the quality of the car itself is caused by reasons, or due to improper maintenance, the responsibility is difficult to distinguish.
Problem 1: difficult to prove, high quality appraisal fee. In February of this year, Mr. Mou bought a Benz car at a 4S shop in Luqiao. After 2200 kilometers, he found the position of the assistant cab and the tyre blister. He believes that tire quality problems require replacement. But the 4S shop disagreed. After many coordination, 4S shop agreed to replace the tires, the cost of their advance. After that, according to the identification result, if it is a quality problem, the cost will be borne by the 4S store; if the quality is not the problem, the expenses will be borne by the customer.
At present, Taizhou professional institutions engaged in the identification of automobile quality is not much, but frequently tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands of Yuan appraisal fees, has become an impassable consumer rights. As the cost of identification exceeds the cost of disputes, consumers often give up rights. In addition, the car is a very complex product, litigation process often involves technical problems. In the face of technical problems, it is easy for adults to increase uncertainty.
Problem two: maintenance fees opaque price disparity in March 23rd, Jiaojiang will send Mr. tube car navigation DVD Luqiao a 4S shop maintenance, the store said after the inspection CD-ROM is bad, the maintenance cost will be 500 yuan, Mr. tube agreed. After half a month, 4S shop car navigation DVD cable, the motherboard is bad, need to pay 300 yuan. In this regard, Mr. tube can not accept: the original inspection, only that the drive is broken, and repair for so long, not good, I hope the price can be fixed at the time of maintenance. In the absence of coordination between the two sides failed, by the local Consumer Protection Commission mediation, 4S shop agreed to fix the price of 500 yuan vehicle navigation DVD.
Car maintenance prices are opaque, hours are not published, parts pricing varies, these phenomena have been criticized by consumers. The price of cars is becoming more and more transparent, and many businesses are secretly offering customers discounts for completing their sales tasks. It can be said that before the sale of profits has been very small, so the business would think of after-sale - such as maintenance fees, working hours and other aspects of the idea, resulting in opaque prices.
Problem three: the responsibility is difficult to distinguish between 4S shop and maintenance point mutual prevarication, in April 12th, Mr. Zhang found his SUV off-road vehicle can not start in Luqiao, and then to 4S shop complaints. 4S shop that Zhang had to start the vehicle will relay replacement after burn, said the cause of the malfunction of Mr. Zhang to use substandard relay triggered, asking them to take to replace the new relay and the time cost of all charges.
Consumers in the car, with more knowledgeable friends, especially in car maintenance, choose a fixed or manufacturers designated special maintenance. Such as Mr. Zhang "mobile" in different repair points maintenance, once encountered claims, often there will be mutual prevarication manufacturers, giving the owner a lot of unnecessary trouble.

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