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A reliable basis for the performance and technical status of the vehicle

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The automobile comprehensive performance inspection station (abbreviated as automobile inspection station) is an enterprise that uses modern detection technology, electronic technology and computer application technology to detect, diagnose and diagnose the car. The utility model has the capability of detecting and diagnosing various performance parameters of the vehicle in the room and detecting the possible failure, and provides a reliable basis for comprehensively and accurately evaluating the performance and the technical condition of the automobile. The role of station of automobile comprehensive performance testing: responsible for detection of vehicle power, economy, reliability and safety and environmental protection management etc.; the responsible for vehicle detection and maintenance of quality in the detection and evaluation of vehicle technical condition; the research and teaching of the bear performance test and parameter test. The type of inspection station is replaced by Jiangsu invoice (1). According to the classification of service function, the testing station can be divided into three kinds: safety inspection station, maintenance inspection station and comprehensive performance testing station. (2) according to the degree of automation of the detection line, the inspection station can be divided into three types: manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic. (3) according to function classification, can be divided into a level a station, B level station and C class station three types of a level a station: can fully undertake the task of testing station. B level station: can undertake the inspection of the technical condition of the vehicle and the quality of the vehicle maintenance. C level station: able to detect the technical condition of the used vehicle.